Peaceful Revolution Music

Peaceful Revolution Music was founded by Prescilla Una, officially registered on June 2014. The inspirational push came when she volunteered at Toronto’s Indie Week in October 2012. After seeing how much talent there was, she was automatically inspired to make music a life time career, both as an independent music artist and also the business of music. Music has played a key role in her life at a very young age. Being a part of the school choir at age 5 and being classically trained at age 11 in bands was only the beginning. After the birth of her second daughter in 2008, she had an musical epiphany- to learn how to play the guitar. She starting writing poetry and songs since age 11, but the guitar gave her a contemporary platform to build a full song. After learning how to play, composing her first song after her first music lesson,  and gaining some confidence playing for close friends  & family, she soon after decided it was time to perform live professionally. On November 2012, she organized and self promoted her first live performance at The Cameron House in Toronto.


After 6 years in the making, on December 1 2014, Prescilla Una released her self produced debut album called MUSIC THERAPY. 10 songs that range from Rock, acoustic, EDM and Jazz.

She is currently working on her 2nd LP entitled ENLIGHTEN.

She is now focusing on Artists Development and music events to help the music community.

Networking, connecting, discovering and creating is always in continuous flow for Prescilla. Music, along with her strong will power given by God and the Universe is truly,  her saviour!


Prescilla Una’s debut album Music Therapy – 2014

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Established in Toronto, Canada

International connections! World appeal!

Peace and Love for Eternity with Music in Progress!